civil lawyer, civil rights attorney

As a rule, to restore their violated rights, people go to court. However, by entrusting the protection of your rights to a professional lawyer, you can achieve success faster and shorter.

The legislation of Azerbaijan Republic establishes separate limitation periods for different claims, the delay of which can lead to a fatal outcome.

At the same time, an insufficient amount of evidence in the first instance court may become a reason for the dismissal of legal claims. I offer you high-quality and affordable legal assistance in civil cases:

     civil lawyer, civil rights attorney
  • Disputes regarding minors, divorce and family matters;
  • Division of property acquired during marriage;
  • Disputes over the assessment and compensation of damage caused (torts);
  • Labor disputes between employees and the employer;
  • Disputes over unreasonable debts for utilities;
  • Disputes over the protection of honor and dignity;
  • Disputes over loan agreements;
  • Disputes over the restoration of consumer rights;
  • Disputes arising from untimely performance of contractual obligations;
  • Disputes on liquidation, amendment and invalidity of contracts;
  • Disputes over the use of apartments;
  • Disputes over the quality of medical services;
  • Cases to determine legally significant facts;
  • Disputes on inheritance cases;
  • Disputes on inheritance cases;
  • Disputes arising from insurance relations;
  • Other civil disputes.
     civil lawyer, civil rights attorney



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